Nicky Hansell and Blue

Nicky Hansell and Blue

From 2020 Nicky Hansell is offering online courses for upcoming sages. In small (no more than 8 pupils) groups,  students will get the best of her knowledge in a specially honed learning environment.

Nicky has a degree in English/Theology from Trinity College, Cambridge and taught Philosophy and Ethics for many years. She writes A level films for Ethics Online, is a broadcaster, examiner and lecturer. 

10-12 year olds: Introduction to Philosophy. This course offers a broad sweep through the history of developing thought. Covering ideas such as absolute and relative morality, subjective and objective truth, sources of authority, creation stories, human rights, Plato and the ideal forms, Aristotle and the idea of purpose, this wide ranging and inspirational course will give your child an invaluable head start in understanding the history of ideas. 

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For upcoming courses and dates (including one to one bespoke tuition for IGCSE, GCSE and A level please email